Substance abuse is an ongoing problem and its impact on Punjab’s citizens is proving to be one which is breaking down the very fabric of Punjab’s familial construct.


Punjab’s youth addicted to drugs


of those in Indian jails for drug abuse are from Punjab

Punjab is the second most indebted state within India

With the highest out-migration in the country, causing a muscle and brain drain for the region, coupled with employment figures below the national average. Education initiatives about drug abuse are pivotal and need to be worked on.


Of agricultural households in debt


Industries have shut down in the last decade


Of rural women have a debt of 1.5 lakhs

Learn more about about the social issues affecting Punjab.

Punjab faces social issues like drug addiction, female foeticide, domestic violence, child labor & farmer suicides. Addressing these issues will require a concerted effort. Saving Punjab’s aims to raise awareness of these issues is crucial for creating a better future for all the people of Punjab.

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