of education has been privatized within the state

privatization hasn’t helped the situation as most schools don’t have basic needs like water or a functioning toilet and find themselves understaffed to cater to their students’ educational needs. With the additional expenses incurred upon families due to the privatization of education, the barrier to a quality education for Punjab’s youth only serves to further deplete Punjab of a highly educated populous.

Being deprived of its own language, Punjab finds the use of Punjabi relegated as part of the government’s policy approach of diminishing the independent cultural identity of Punjab’s populous.

Sanctions such as fines are being handed out to those in school for speaking their mother tongue, the issue of language is one which strikes at the heart of all those who trace their roots back to the Punjab.

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Punjab faces educational issues like inadequate infrastructure, poor quality of education, gender disparities, and high dropout rates. Improving infrastructure, curricula, teacher training, promoting gender equality, and providing opportunities for disadvantaged children can help address these issues. Raising awareness of these educational issues is crucial for creating a brighter future for all the people of Punjab.

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