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Substance abuse is an ongoing problem and its impact on Punjab’s citizens is proving to be one which is breaking down the very fabric of Punjab’s familial construct.  

Punjab’s drug epidemic


Punjab finds itself at a juncture whereby its citizens are not only facing societal pressures but also health pressures and stresses, which are adding to the state’s dilapidated prospects.

Health pressures in Punjab

Human Resources & Environmental

United Nations experts have reported that Punjab will be a desert in 15 – 20 years’ time, at a high risk of water depletion on a mass scale

Where is Punjab’s water?


70% of education has been privatized within the state. However, such privatization hasn’t helped as most schools don’t have basic needs like water or a functioning toilets.

The education barrier

Religious & Heritage

Religious tensions across the state of Punjab are something which have been intently engineered to create an environment of hostility between Neighbours

Communal tensions

For a large proportion of the diaspora living around the world. The state is currently being overlooked across several significant issues, which can lead to long-term effects on its people.

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