In creating communal tensions, misinformation runs rampant as state sponsored media and politicians seek to create hostilities which ruin the harmony that Punjab was once known for

With a lack of preservation and respect around sacred sites of worship and a growing base of religious fundamentalism and fanaticism encroaching upon Punjab from several different actors, the people of the state find themselves having to navigate aggression which serves no purpose but to keep a select elite in power.

Religious tensions across the state of Punjab are something which have been intently engineered to create an environment of hostility between Neighbours, furthering the policy tool of ‘divide and conquer’ which the government has implemented over the past few decades.

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Punjab has a history of religious tensions between Sikhs and Hindus, fueled by political, economic, and historical factors. Recent incidents of communal violence and intolerance have highlighted the need for interfaith dialogue, addressing economic disparities, and enforcing laws against hate speech and violence.

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