1 in 8 Punjabis suffer from mental illness

80% of these aren’t accessing any treatment. (NMHSI)

Health pressures and stresses, are adding to the state’s dilapidated prospects.

Having access to medication and healthcare is something many people unfortunately lack as there is no government-funded system in place. The cost of looking after oneself and one’s family is simply too much for everyday Punjabi’s to bear the expense of, further adding to the detrimental situation which Punjab finds itself in.   

Learn more about about the health issues affecting Punjab.

Punjab faces health issues like high rates of cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, tuberculosis, and mental health disorders. Addressing these issues requires a joint effort from the government, healthcare professionals, and the public. Promoting healthy lifestyles, reducing exposure to toxins, and improving healthcare access can improve the health of the population. Raising awareness of these health issues is crucial for creating a healthier society in Punjab.

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