What is Saving Punjab?

A team of ambitious and passionate individuals are creating awareness on the issues relating to Punjab

We use a range of different online mediums, seminars and think tanks to further engage in discussions surrounding the plight of the state. Saving Punjab uses a research-based approach using both primary and secondary data to identify significant issues within Punjab today. Together, we can come up with some of the vital steps that can gradually implement a solution.

Our main aim is to raise awareness of this information through literature and social media campaigns to educate our wider society, with the hope that the Saving Punjab initiative can bring about the much-needed changes which the state of Punjab so desperately requires. We aim to implement both short-term and long-term strategies to aid Punjab and help our community rebuild the forgotten state into the thriving land it once was.

Why Punjab? 

Rooted in its history as being the ‘breadbasket’ of India, our team found it to be rather worrying and perplexing that a state coined as the ‘breadbasket’ of a country is suffering from some of the worst social, economic and human injustices.  

As we began our initial research, we found a series of documented facts and data, which uncovered the truth of the reality on the ground. While the issues surrounding Punjab are commonly known and discussed, the data providing evidence of such issues is not. As such, we felt it to be our moral obligation to the people of Punjab and those that trace their heritage back to the state, to bring forth this data to the masses by educating and teaching our community.    

Punjab traces its heritage as a homeland to many, not just for those who physically live there but also for a large proportion of the diaspora living around the world. The state is currently being overlooked by its government across a number of significant issues, which can lead to long-term effects on its people and the state. 

While we acknowledge the gravity of the task at hand and appreciate the need for a wider effort towards rectifying Punjab’s issues, we move forward in the hope that every step towards this goal will be one that inspires others to help with this initiative and create the wider outreach which is vital.